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IntelliFITNESS Integrated Web Features

intelliFITNESS™ Integrated Web Features:

intelliFITNESS™ Integrated Web enables you to build your brand, while integrating into Healthy Business and intelliFITNESS™ Personal Fitness Club Software, so that you give a rich experience to both those wanting to join, and to your existing members

Key Features:

Fundamental to our view of the tools every healthy business needs is an integrated set of solutions- and your web site should be part of that solution.

We can either build a site for you and integrate it with our other solutions, or integrate with your existing site. Itís a significant value add, when your members see that all of your communications appear in the same presentation format, and you build your brand by having such integration.

Our solutions allow your members to log in from your website and use our Personal solution and to allow you as a club to post updated class schedules, without involving a web specialist.

We have a range of excellent reference websites we can guide you too - why donít you tell us what type of business you have, and we will give you some examples of styles and content which will inspire you.

Whether your emphasis is on personal training, or your business caters to mobile training, or you have a big spa component in your business, we understand the different needs of communication, and can work with you to provide a site fully integrated with our other solutions.

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